Miscellaneous, Garage Sales/Boutiques and Resident Food Truck Permits (Resident Permits)


Miscellaneous Permits:

Please submit a Miscellaneous Permit application for the following activities:

  • block parties (Night to Unite, etc.) (no fee)
  • 5K running race (requires copy of liability insurance releasing the city from liability (no fee)
  • circuses and carnivals (no fee)
  • concessions stands, itinerant vendors of products or services, and flea markets or tent/sidewalk sales ($50 fee)

Garage & Boutique Sales:

The following requires a special no-fee permit application:

Garage sales are permitted 2 times a year (no longer than 3 days in duration). For questions about the miscellaneous and garage/boutique permits, contact City Hall at 651-792-7800.

Resident Food Trucks Permits (effective 7/1/22):

Starting July 1, residents are required to obtain a no-fee permit to host a food truck event/party at their property and are limited to having 2 events/parties (no longer than 3 days in duration) per calendar year. Food trucks must be parked on private property (on driveway or in yard), they cannot be parked in the street or the right-of-way. Sales can be open to the public. 

City Code Chapter 3Section 320, Subsections 320.09, 320.10 and 3220.12 and Section 395, Subsection 395.05, Subd. 1 and Subd. 2A, and Subsection 395.06 reflect these amendments.  

Mobile Food Unit/Food Truck Vendors (for Vendors)

Vendors must obtain their own mobile food unit/food truck license that is separate from the resident food truck permit

Vendors should visit Mobile Food Unit (Food Truck) Vendor Licensing for more information about the required vendor license.

For questions about food trucks, call the City Clerk at 651-792-7811.