Pet Licenses

two young girls sit cross-legged on the grass with a dog sprawled across their laps

All dogs and cats over three (3) months of age in Arden Hills must be registered with the city. The license assists in the timely return of lost pets and assists in the prevention of the spread of rabies.

Licenses are required by Ordinance for all dogs and cats more than three (3) months of age, being kept or owned in the city. The license fee is $30.00 per pet and is good for two (2) years. Please include the $30.00 license fee along with your application. 

To license your pet with the city, a copy of the current Certification of Rabies Vaccination is needed (showing the date the rabies shot expires and the Veterinarian's name and address with his/her signature), along with a completed Pet License Application Form and check made payable to the City of Arden Hills. Complete your application and submit payment online or in the alternative, you can print an application form (PDF).

Kennel License: Per Chapter 4, Section 420, Subd. 6, of City Code, no person shall keep more than three (3) dogs or three (3) cats on residentially zoned property.  The total number of combined licensed animals per residentially zoned property shall not exceed four (4).  

A kennel license is required if you have three (3) dogs. The fee for a kennel license is $21.00 and is required annually. In order to receive your kennel license, an Animal Control Officer must approve your dogs, their kennel, and surrounding conditions. Please call City Hall at 651-792-7800 for more information about kennel licenses.