Garbage Hauler Licenses

Pursuant to Chapter 3 of the Arden Hills City Code, all persons engaging in a business that hauls garbage, refuse and recycling within the city must obtain a license from the city. This is to ensure the contractor carries adequate property damage insurance, general liability insurance and worker’s compensation.

City garbage hauler and recycling hauler licenses must be applied for annually. In order to be licensed by the City of Arden Hills, a Garbage Hauler and/or Recycling Hauler License Application form must be completed and submitted with a certificate of insurance, listing the city as a certificate holder, anticipated rate schedule and a yearly fee paid. 

Once a license is obtained, the city will maintain a current list of registered garbage and recycling haulers. Please note city staff are not authorized to recommend a specific contractor.

For further questions, please contact the Deputy Clerk at 651-792-7830.