Rental Registration

Rental Registration

Residential rental units are a part of every community. Rental housing can bring new people into the community, and rental property can be an important starting point for young families moving into the area.

The City of Arden Hills recognizes the need to keep all properties maintained and to ensure the viability and value of our neighborhoods. The rental registration program is a tool to help keep all properties well-maintained and a productive part of the community.

The purpose of the city's rental registration program is to:

  • Educate property owners and tenants on city regulations and requirements;
  • Track rental patterns and trends throughout the city; and
  • Maintain up to date contact information for property owners in case of emergency or noncompliance with City regulations.

Rental registration applications and a payment of $45 must be submitted by December 31, or 14 days before the property is renter-occupied. The penalty for the late renewal of registered rental properties is $90. Rental registrations are valid for one year.

Registration Forms

Submit the Online Form digitally and City Staff will then email a payment link to you, or print the PDF and mail or drop off the completed form together with your payment at City Hall)

Rental Registration Application (Online Form)

Rental Registration Application (PDF)

Rental Registration Exemption Form (Online Form)

Rental Registration Exemption Form (PDF)