Businesses in Arden Hills

Businesses in Arden Hills

A number of high-profile organizations across business, non-profit and government sectors are located within the city. These include medical, technology and financial service businesses, along with academic and military operations. These leaders of industry provide high-paying jobs to skilled employees, which in turn creates a strong base for economic diversity, quality housing and an involved citizenry.

 Companies with Headquarters in Arden Hills

  • Army National Guard 34th Infantry Division
  • Land O'Lakes
  • Galil Medical
  • Gradiant Financial Group
  • Intricon
  • Nott Company

Business List

All businesses operating in the City of Arden Hills are required to complete and submit a business license application (PDF). Registered business are added to a business license list, and the list is updated annually.

View the list of currently licensed businesses (PDF)