Adherent Laboratories

Published in the January/February 2020 issue of Arden Hills Notes, the city’s newsletter.

Adherent Laboratories, located at 3804 Dunlap Street North, is an independent adhesives and materials company focused on research and development, as well as consulting and testing for local and global clients who have unique adhesive application needs. 

why-adherent-glueThe adhesives developed by the company have various applications that include protective films to cover boats in the winter, waxes used to help make contact lenses, protective covers for transporting military weapons and skins to improve ski grip, to name a few.

 Three things to know 

  1. Companies interested in developing a product often look to Adherent Laboratories. For example, a contact lens manufacturer needed a certain wax made to make it easier to manufacture prescription lenses. “We develop and own the formula for a company and then license it to them,” said Paul Meyer, president. 
  2.  Adherent works with a company that sells ski equipment for back country skiers who want ski skins with better grip in virgin snow conditions. They also partner with a company that offers custom fit storage covers for large river boats. 
  3. Companies like Johnson & Johnson or Hollister Incorporated hire Adherent Laboratories to test products and if required develop adhesives for their unique applications. Adherent also works with Arden Hills companies, including an industrial cut and sew supplier and a medical device manufacturer. “We work all along the value chain for businesses that want to develop, make and use adhesives,” said Meyer.

 Adherent Laboratories has been in Arden Hills for 15 years. 

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