Land Use Applications

Land Use Application Types

The city's Planning & Zoning Division handle all Land Use Applications.

A Land Use Application Form (PDF) is required for the following types of development activities:

Appeals of Administrative DecisionsPreliminary and Final Plats (PDF)
Class II Home Occupations (PDF)Zoning Code Amendments (PDF)
Comprehensive Plan AmendmentsSubdivisions and Lot Consolidations (PDF)
Conditional Use Permits (CUPs) (PDF)Site Plan Reviews (PDF)
Planned Unit Development (PUD) Concept Plan (PDF)Easement or Right of Way Vacation
Planned Unit Development (PUD) Master Plan (PDF)Variances (PDF)
Planned Unit Development (PUD) Final Plan (PDF)

Escrow Account Information

Review Process

The Community Development Director reviews all Land Use Applications, sends out appropriate notices to the public, writes a report, and makes a recommendation regarding the application to the Planning Commission.

The Planning Commissionis a recommending body to the City Council. This seven member commission holds the formal review for all Land Use Applications, holds a public hearing if one is required, and makes recommendations to the Council regarding the application. The City Council makes the final decision regarding all Land Use Applications.

The Land Use Application review process generally takes between 60 and 120 days from the time the City receives a complete application. Please contact the Community Development Director for more information about submitting a Land Use Application.