Garbage & Debris

Refuse Regulations

The piling, storing, or keeping of old machinery, equipment, building materials, manure, tree branches, cut trees, grass clippings, bottles, rubbish, trash, refuse, junk, and other abandoned materials, metals (including aluminum or tin cans), or lumber wrecked or junked vehicles or other junk or debris is prohibited except as may otherwise be permitted by Chapter 6 of the City Code.

Waste Haulers

The city has six licensed waste haulers and one residential recycler serving the community. Garbage and recycling must be stored inside an enclosed structure and in approved containers. Containers should be placed on the curb the night before collection and must be removed 12 hours after. Tree cuttings shall be bundled, not exceeding 3 feet in length and 50 pounds in weight, and placed next to the yard waste container. Find more information about garbage collection and disposal here. 

Refuse Container Storage

The City has created a Waste Container Storage at Residential Properties (PDF) guide that explains where on residential properties garbage and recycling bins may be stored.

For More Information

Further information on yard waste drop off, the community clean-up day event, and household hazardous waste disposal is available.