Code Enforcement

City Code Enforcement

The City of Arden Hills seeks to protect the quality of life, property values, aesthetics, and safety through consistent and timely enforcement of the Arden Hills City Code. The city has adopted a code compliance policy that applies a standard procedure to achieve code compliance and provides a reasonable time frame for property owners and tenants to resolve violations.

To Submit a Complaint

Code violations should be reported online using Request Tracker. 

Please include:

  • The complete address of the violation
  • Description of violation
  • Name, address, and contact information for complainant (kept confidential)

City Code Compliance Process

  1. After a complaint is received, staff will inspect the property
  2. If staff sees a code violation, staff will notify the property owner and/or tenants
  3. The property owner will be allowed a reasonable amount of time to correct the violation
  4. If the violation is not resolved, the city may issue a citation and/or have the issue corrected and assess the cost of the work to the parcel’s property taxes

You can also contact City Hall at 651-792-7800 with questions.