Rules & Regulations

All noxious weeds and other growths of vegetation upon public or private property in excess of eight inches are prohibited. This requirement does not apply to areas established with meadow vegetation. Meadow vegetation is defined as grasses and flowering broad-leaf plants that are native to, or adapted to, the State of Minnesota, and that are commonly found in meadow and prairie plant communities, except noxious weeds.

Intersection Visibility

No vegetation is allowed to materially impede the clear vision area of any roadway intersection. The clear vision area is an area within a triangle that is measured along the edges of the driving surface of the road at an intersection of two road edges (public or private) and extending 30 feet in each direction from the intersection, with a line connecting the two end points.

Invasive Species: Buckthorn

Buckthorn is an invasive species that spreads quickly through its roots and berries, overtaking all other native plants. The City encourages residents to remove buckthorn from their own property to maintain and protect the ecological habitat.

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