Residential Electrical Inspection Checklist

2020 National Electrical Code

Minnesota law requires all electrical work to be performed by licensed, bonded and insured electrical contractors and their employees. Homeowners, within strict limitations, are exempt from electrical licensing provided they actually occupy the residence. MN Stat §326B.31, Subd. 23

Electrical Requirements

An electrical permit application with the required fees must be submitted to the city before commencement of any electrical installation that is required to be inspected. All wiring shall be inspected before it is concealed and the inspector shall be notified when the wiring is complete, before the wiring is utilized and the associated space occupied.  There is a separate electrical application for residential and commercial work.

When an owner applies for an electrical permit to the City, that person is signing an affidavit (PDF) that they own and occupy the residence and that they personally and physically will perform all of the electrical work, including the laying out of such work.

It is illegal for an owner to install electrical wiring on property that is rented, leased, or occupied by others.

A ROUGH-IN INSPECTION must be made before insulation, sheet-rock, paneling, or other materials cover any wiring. Underground wiring must be inspected before the trench is back-filled. Except for the final connection to switches, receptacles, and lighting fixtures, all ground wires and other wires in boxes must be spliced and pigtailed for the rough-in inspection.

A FINAL INSPECTION must be scheduled when the electrical work is completed prior to the wiring being utilized and the space occupied. Your electrical permit is valid for 12 months. If work is not completed at 12 months a new permit must be filed. It is the responsibility of the permit holder to call for a final inspection when all devices and fixtures have been installed and the wiring is entirely completed.

To request an electrical inspection go to tokleinspections.com if no internet access call Pete Tokle of Tokle Inspections at 763.754.2983 between 7:00 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. Monday-Friday. You will be asked for your permit number.

For More Information - Residential Checklist Brochure (PDF)