Demolition Permit Requirements

Sewer and Water Permits

A Licensed plumber must obtain a permit from the Inspections Division prior to disconnecting the sewer (PDF) and water (PDF) at the existing property.

A scheduled time to remove the existing water meter from property must be scheduled at time of sewer and water disconnect inspection.  Call the City Hall front desk at 651-792-7800 to schedule removal of water meter and sewer and water disconnect inspections.

Note: The disconnections must be inspected by the Public Works Department prior to issuance of a Demolition Permit. 

Demolition Permit Steps

Utility Disconnects

Check with all utility companies to disconnect services for gas, electric, telephone and cable television, etc. Water and sewer is to be cut and capped at the property line before any excavation work commences. Location of disconnected utilities must be marked on site. As built drawings also shall be provided clearly showing the locations of all capped utilities.

Any water well on the property must be capped and sealed per Minnesota Department of Health regulations.

Note: Call before you begin demolition "Gopher State One Call" 1-800-252-1166 or 1-651-454-0002

Site Work Requirements

  • A Grading & Erosion Control permit is required.
  • Remove all debris including foundation walls, footings and basement floor.
  • Fill in and level site, restore grade, and seed to match adjoining contours.
  • Provide extermination of insects and rodents before demolition of the structure.
  • A final inspection by the City Inspector is required prior to backfilling and before closing out the Demolition Permit.