There are many options for getting around the Twin Cities area.

Metro Mobility

Metro Mobility is a door-to-door public transportation system for people with disabilities in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area and many adjoining suburbs.

Metro Transit

Make your commute to downtown Minneapolis or Saint Paul easier with Metro Transit.

Minneapolis-Take Route 261 from the nearby Shoreview Community Center to Minneapolis. Ride Route 261B each weekday evening.

Saint Paul- Take Route 62 from the nearby Shoreview Community Center and Route 62C to return. Another convenient option to St. Paul on weekday mornings is Route 262, with stops along Hodgson Road. The same route returns to Shoreview in the evening.

Visit Metro Transit for additional park and ride lots near Arden Hills.

Looking to ride the light rail, Northstar, other buses or other commuting options? Check with Metro Transit.

Personal Ride Services

There are many ride services that will pick you up at your Arden Hills home or place of business, including taxis, airport shuttles and taxi alternatives like Lyft or Uber.

Senior Linkage Line

The Senior Linkage Line will get you connected to the services you need. Call for questions on transportation, housing, home health care, housekeeping, hospice, caregiver support, legal assistance, financial assistance, snow and lawn care, minor home repair and more.

Transit Link

Transit Link (formerly Dial-A-Ride) is a curb-to-curb minibus or van service that operates within certain Twin Cities communities. It is a shared-ride service, which must be reserved in advance - usually at least a day - and fares are generally under $3. Transit Link customers can transfer to a Metro Transit bus without paying a separate fare. Ask the driver for a paratransit transfer.

Please Note: Transit Link service is neighborhood-based and not intended for commuters. Please contact the provider in your area about availability.

Transit Link brochure