Karth Lake Improvement District

Karth Lake

The Karth Lake Improvement District (KLID) consists of Karth Lake’s lakefront property owners. Owners elect board members to represent them in making recommendations to Arden Hills City Council regarding issues that impact Karth Lake and its watershed. The City Council’s duties and functions related to the management of Karth Lake include: 

  • Establish a comprehensive program to improve and conserve the waters of Karth Lake 
  • Construct and operate a pumping system to manage the lake water level 
  • Establish a lake water quality monitoring program
  • Research the condition and development of the waters which enter Karth Lake
  • Maintain properties that provide public access to Karth Lake
  • Providing funding for the above. Funding sources may include, among other sources, the City of Arden Hills’ general fund, grants, property tax assessments on KLID properties and donations.

The KLID board also educates and coordinates volunteers from residences within Karth Lake’s watershed in activities such as: water sampling, fish stocking, aquatic weed removal, rain garden and memorial garden maintenance, buckthorn removal, fund raising and more. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Secretary Renee Marino. 


The Karth Lake Improvement District Board holds an annual meeting each April and other meetings, to be announced.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.
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Invasive Plant Alert

Purple Loosestrife, a highly invasive plant and noxious weed, was newly sighted on Karth Lake in 2021. If it is not caught early, it can severely damage plant and wildlife populations around the lake. The Minnesota Department of Agriculture has recorded sightings in Floral Park and along Snelling Avenue and in TCAAP and urgently encourages removal and other abatement measures. Learn more about Purple Loosestrife and other invasive plant species on our Forestry pages

See reference photos below. If sighted on Karth Lake, please contact Renee Marino at renee@cupitorconsulting.com for the Karth Lake Improvement Board’s records and for abatement resources.

Closeup of Purple Loosestrife in BloomPurple Loosestrife in Bloom in a Wetland area


The Karth Lake Improvement District Board consists of seven members elected by owners of property within the district. The board then votes to select their chairperson. The Karth Lake Improvement District currently includes the following members:

  • Aisha A. Elmquist (Chair), Term Expiration April 2024
  • Renee Marino (Secretary), Term Expiration April 2024
  • Tony Peleska, Term Expiration April 2023
  • Linda Hansohn, Term Expiration April 2023
  • Kathy Johnson, Term Expiration April 2024
  • Susan Johnson, Term Expiration April 2025
  • Gary Gerding, Term Expiration April 2025


  • TBD (Council Liaison)
  • David Swearingen (Staff Liaison)