Commissions & Committees


The City of Arden Hills has several standing commissions or committees. Limited-term committees are also sometimes formed to address specific issues. The commissions and committees provide a way for the City to benefit from the expertise and experience of those who live and work in the City, as well as providing a way for residents to meet new people, learn new things, develop leadership skills, be of service, and make a difference.

How Commissions and Committees Work

  • Their role is advisory; decision-making authority lies with the City Council
  • Each has a staff liaison and a City Council liaison
  • Each meets regularly and produces appropriate minutes or notes


  • Residency requirements vary, but members must be residents or those otherwise involved in the City
  • Terms are three years; limit nine consecutive years
  • Terms are staggered so one third end each year
  • Members are appointed by the City Council
  • The chairperson is appointed by the mayor (often recommended by the group)
  • Members are volunteers; there is no pay
  • Regular attendance and participation are required

If you are interested in volunteering, please apply.

Youth Membership

  • Youth membership is available on the Parks, Trails, and Recreation Committee and the Economic Development Commission
  • Must be a Sophomore, Junior, or Senior enrolled in High School or a PSEO program
  • Must be enrolled in a school district that serves Arden Hills or a resident of Arden Hills attending a school outside of the City's typical school districts
  • One-year term from September-August
  • Regular attendance and participation are required

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