Garbage Collection

Garbage Haulers and Rates

Arden Hills currently allows residents to choose their residential garbage service provider from a list of city-licensed waste haulers. To compare options, a list of licensed waste haulers is available. 

Regardless of the hauler, trash collection will happen on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, depending on property location. Properties located south of Interstate 694 will receive collection services on Tuesdays; properties located north of Interstate 694 will receive collection services on Wednesdays.  

Not sure what to ask when shopping around for a waste hauler? Here are some questions to consider: 

  1. During what hours can waste haulers operate in the city? Garbage collection can be performed between the hours of 6:00 am and 6:00 pm, Monday through Saturday (City Code Chapter 6, Section 660.04, Subd. 4).
  2. Where does my garbage go? It is important to keep waste out of landfills. Haulers are required to inform their customers in writing each year where they take their waste for disposal. Waste can now go to a Resource Recovery Facility where it is processed into fuel to burn to produce electricity. 
  3. Are their additional charges I may see itemized on my bill? Some haulers charge additional fees such as a fuel charge or environmental fee but do not include these in the rate you are quoted.
  4. Can I save money on my bill by getting a smaller garbage cart? Reduce the amount of waste you generate and save money by getting a smaller garbage cart from your hauler. Trash haulers often offer different sized carts, so get the smallest size you will need and pay less for monthly service
  5. Will you collect yard waste, and how much will that service cost? Please check with your individual carrier for more information regarding yard waste pickup options and any associated fees.  Some carriers may offer a seasonal yard waste container for a fee.  
  6. What number should I call for service questions such as a missed pick up, going on vacation, and holiday schedules?  Please contact your waste hauler directly for questions regarding missed pickups, holiday schedule, issues with your container, etc.
  7. How do I get rid of extra items that do not fit in my cart, and what will it cost me to get rid of these items? Visit Ramsey County’s A to Z Recycling and Disposal Guide or call the Recycling & Disposal Hotline 651.633.3279 (EASY) Answered 24/7