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Garden Plot Application

  1. Please list your top 3 choices based on the image below.

  2. 2022 Arden Hills' Garden Plot Layout
  3. I understand (1) that the $55.00 fee ($25.00 for second plot), which I have paid to the City of Arden Hills, is rent for my subleasing from the City a garden plot; (2) that the term of this sublease extends from the date hereof until October 9, 2022; (3) that my use of the garden plot is subject to the rules set forth, and also the terms and conditions of garden lease between the City and Xcel Energy, covering the area in which the garden plot is located; and (4) that this sublease is subject to the following provisions: 

    Sub-lessee hereby agrees to assume and accept all risk, loss, damage or injury to the individual or property or that any members of the individuals’ family by reason of the individuals use of the garden plot subleased hereby; releases City and Sub-lessee, their heirs, administrators, successors, assigns, agents and employees, as the case may be, from and against their interest in said garden plot or the area in which it is located by reasons of sub-lessees sublease of the subject premises. 

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