Snow Plowing

The city's Public Works Department works to provide safe driving conditions for residents while balancing costs of snow and ice control. Street plowing typically begins when two inches of snow have accumulated. Streets will have ice control applied to smaller events and slippery conditions. For more information on snow plowing see the full snow plow policy (PDF).

SNOW PLOWING PARKING RESTRICTIONS: No vehicle can be parked on the street after the accumulation of two or more inches of snow and continuing until after snow plowing has been completed.

The city does not have a bare street policy, as this requires a lot of salt, around the clock plowing and heavy traffic. Plows will get as close as possible to the mailboxes, but the cleaning of the mailboxes is the responsibility of individual residents. It is also the responsibility of adjacent homeowners to clean snow from fire hydrants.

The city plows the walks and trails to the best of its ability. Some trails are not plowed if icing occurs due to them being too steep to plow.

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