How did the fire department evolve from a total volunteer fire department to 24/7 duty crews?

In 1943 the department started as a Volunteer Fire Department and over time it evolved to a Paid‐On‐Call department which provided a relief association pension to those who served for 10 years or more. Firefighters were paid a nominal amount of money for the calls and training they attended.

In 2002 a full‐time Fire Chief was hired to run the department. Additional full‐time staff were added over the years including a full‐time Office Manager, Assistant Chief, Deputy Chief/Fire Marshal and Deputy Chief/Emergency Manager.

With an increase in calls and training requirements, the department
initiated a station staffing program (Duty Crew) that puts firefighters
physically in the stations 24/7 and allows firefighters to respond immediately
from a station rather than being called in from home to respond to calls.

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2. How did the fire department evolve from a total volunteer fire department to 24/7 duty crews?
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