How does the Lake Johanna Fire Department Board make decisions?

The board is made up of representatives from the cities of Shoreview, Arden Hills, North Oaks and members of the Lake Johanna Fire Department.  The City of Arden Hills represents one vote on the board, and decisions are made by a majority vote of the board.

The three cities rely on the fire department’s expertise to make recommendations on how they can best serve the three cities.  The recommendation for a new station was not generated solely by the fire department. It was made following a needs assessment that was conducted by an independent entity.  The decision by the board to move forward with searching for a piece of suitable land was made by the entire board, not just the City of Arden Hills.

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1. Why does the fire department need a new station location at this time?
2. How did the fire department evolve from a total volunteer fire department to 24/7 duty crews?
3. Why is the Lake Johanna Fire Department considering a site near Bethel University’s Anderson Center?
4. When will the fire station be built?
5. The proposed location is on Pine Tree Drive. Is this road wide enough to accommodate a fire station?
6. Fire Station 4 at 3615 Victoria is less than 2 miles from the proposed Pine Tree location. Should the location be further south and west and let the Victoria station take care of the middle area?
7. How will residents near the Anderson Center be impacted?
8. What would happen to the trails on the Anderson Center property?
9. What impact will this have on the Crepeau Nature Preserve?
10. Why is Fire Station 4 being shuttered?
11. Information to date states that the new fire station will serve southern Arden Hills and Shoreview. Will the proposed new station also serve northern Arden Hills and Shoreview?
12. Why was Fire Station 1 on New Brighton Blvd decommissioned? Could that station be used for the new proposed station location?
13. Was the Pot O’ Gold site considered?
14. How does the Lake Johanna Fire Department Board make decisions?
15. How will the station be paid for?