Why does the fire department need a new station location at this time?

Planning for a new station has been in the works for several years, due to increased demand for services. The fire department responded to 2,875 calls in 2015 and 3,820 calls in 2019, which reflects a 25% increase. The department estimates it will surpass 6,000 calls annually (16-17 calls daily) by 2026 (6% per year plus 500+ from pending development). As calls for service increase and the need for 24/7 staffing increases, the department has to plan site locations that best serve the communities. The long term plan calls for continued operation of Station 2, located at 4676 Hodgson Road, North Oaks, with continued 24/7 staffing; continued operation of Station 3 - 5545 Lexington Avenue, Shoreview, with the addition of 24/7staffing; and replacing Station 4 at 3615 Victoria Street, Shoreview, with the new proposed location at the Anderson Center off of Pine Tree Drive, which would be better located and staffed 24/7.

The new fire station would be designed to meet the fire department’s needs for the next 50 years.

The proposed new location is needed due to development expansions in all three cities. Projects include: Edison Apartment & Townhomes and Loden II (Shoreview); Marriott SpringHill Suites Hotel and Summit Senior Living (Arden Hills); and North Oaks Housing Projects. Regardless of the TCAAP development, there is quite a bit of development and projections that call for increased levels of service calls in all three cities.

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1. Why does the fire department need a new station location at this time?
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