Fire Department Proposed Station Location Q & A

Public Safety is an essential service cities provide to their residents and includes police and fire protection. Since its inception, the City of Arden Hills, along with the cities of Shoreview and North Oaks, has relied on the Lake Johanna Fire Department to provide critical fire protection. The fire department does more than just fire protection. Each firefighter is also trained as an Emergency Medical Technician to provide emergency medical services, Hazardous Materials response, water and ice rescue and other technical rescue functions with surrounding departments. To maintain the high level of service provided to the three cities, the fire department is looking to purchase a piece of land for a future fire station that would serve the three cities for the next 50 years.  

The below questions and answers are to help residents understand the need for a new station and answer frequently asked questions. The information was compiled in-part following an interview with Chief Boehlke of the Lake Johanna Fire Department. As future questions are asked this information will be updated with input from the fire department.