Recreation Activities During COVID-19

Indoor, Outdoor and Online Activities

Below are some family fun activities that can be done around town, at home, indoors and outdoors. There is also a list of resources for senior residents.

Around Town

  • Go for a walk or bike ride exploring the 22 miles of sidewalks and trails in the City
  • Enjoy some fresh air as you take your dog to the Perry Park Dog Park

At Home

Indoor Activities

  • Make a plant rubbing collage with crayons and plants you find in your yard
  • What’s in your house? Have an indoor scavenger hunt
  • Create your own board game
  • Cook/Bake something as a family
  • Write a letter to a loved one
  • Make a picture scrap book

Outdoor Activities

  • Have a nature scavenger hunt
  • Go camping in your own backyard or living room
  • Make/Play bingo with items you can find in nature. Here are some bingo cards you can use: Scavenger Hunt Bingo, Nature Bingo, and Animal Tracks Bingo. Challenge your friends and family to see who can fill out their card first!
  • Make paper airplane and see whose goes the farthest
  • Make homemade bird feeders
  • Paint rock animals

Adult and Senior Resources

  • AARP classes are available to be taken online on the AARP website
  • Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly – Bringing hope, comfort and support in uncertain times. Phone-companions for seniors who would like someone to talk to. Visit or call 612-721-1400
  • Meals on Wheels – Meals on Wheels delivers nutritious, freshly made meals directly to your home. If you are a new user to Meals on Wheels please call 651-318-9091 or visit the Meals on Wheels website at
  • Online Museum Exhibits and virtual tours Minneapolis Institute of Art , Museum of Russian Art , or University of Minnesota – Weisman Art Museum