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Facilities Rental Application


  1. 1. Facilities Rentals
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  • Facilities Rentals

    1. Picnic Shelter

      Picnic shelter facilities are available weekends in May and daily from Memorial Day through October 31. Cummings Park and Perry Park have larger pavilions and are the only facilities meant for larger parties. They have special guidelines for review before considering renting. Note: City Recreation and Park activities have priority over rental use. Cummings, Floral, Hazelnut, and Perry Parks are utilized Monday through Thursday during the months of June and July for summer recreation activities and have limited daytime availability.

    2. Reservation Priority

      All parks may be reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis. However, applications for Arden Hills residents use will be accepted beginning March 1st. Requests for non-resident use will be accepted beginning April 1st. Requests from organizations for business functions must include an Arden Hills office address to be considered a resident group.

    3. Special Use Area Reservation

      There is a fee for use of ball fields or soccer fields per 2 hour time frame (plus tax) and must be requested on your reservation application. All field reservations are assigned based on priorities and are based on availability. Requests for use of bases, field lights, or grooming of fields is an extra fee. Please ask staff for information on these fees.