Snelling Ave North Improvements

Project Overview

This project is to address the street and utility improvements identified as a result of deteriorating street pavement conditions, and potential deterioration of water main, sanitary sewer and drainage infrastructure along Snelling Avenue North from MN-51 to County Rd E and Cummings Lane. The primary elements to this project are:

  1. Pavement reconditioning of Snelling Avenue N. extending from Highway 51 to County Road E.
  2. Construction of a new 10-foot wide asphalt trail on the West side of Snelling Avenue North.
  3. Installation of curb and gutter and narrowing of the drive lanes.
  4. Replacement of water main, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer based on a condition assessment.

Project Status to Date

May 18, 2022: By Tuesday, May 17, utility crews finished storm sewer installation on the project. They also completed testing on the new watermain and removed the temporary water lines. By the end of the week, removal crews are expected to begin taking out curb and prepping the street for reclamation. 

Early next week (5/23 – 5/27), street crews are scheduled to begin the reclamation process on Snelling Avenue North. Reclamation includes the grinding up of the existing asphalt street and the gravel below it, to create a base for the new asphalt to be paved. Following reclamation, later in the week, the crews will begin grading the new street and trail. Access to driveways and side streets off of Snelling Avenue North. will remain open during reclamation and grading. 

May 12, 2022: On Monday, May 9, the trenchless installation of the watermain along Snelling Avenue North was completed and the installation pits from Bussard Court to Lametti Lane were filled. After, utility crews completed the remainder of the open cut watermain and began testing of the new pipe. Once testing is complete and the new watermain accepted, the temporary water lines will be removed. On May 11-13th, crews worked on installing the new storm sewer.

By midweek next week (May 18), the storm sewer installation is scheduled to be completed. After, road crews are tentatively scheduled to begin removals of existing curb along Snelling Avenue North in preparation for street work. 

ROAD CLOSURE ALERT: Due to expected storm sewer installation, be on the lookout for closures of Snelling Ave N. throughout the project site next week. The closures will only occur during working hours, and will be re-opened by the end of the day. Access to side streets and driveways off Snelling Ave N will still be maintained during working hours, via either north or south entrances to Snelling Ave N.

Traffic Safety: Please be aware of construction crews and their equipment. If crews are temporarily blocking off certain portions of the street while they are working, give them the proper space and time to see you, so they can safely guide you through the construction areas

May 6, 2022: At the beginning of the week of May 2, the contractor began setting up temporary water lines between Lametti Circle and Bussard Court, as well as along Cummings Lane. By mid-week, utility crews began making connections with the existing watermain and preparing pits for trenchless watermain installation along Snelling Avenue North. Crews will finish the week with storm sewer installation along the street edges of Snelling Avenue North.

On Monday May 9th, a trenchless installation of the watermain along Snelling Avenue North will begin. It is scheduled to finish by mid-week. Utility crews will continue watermain and storm sewer work  throughout the week in multiple locations on the site. Please be aware of the installation pits along Snelling Avenue North from Bussard Court to Lametti Lane, as they will remain open until watermain work is complete. 

ROAD CLOSURE ALERT:  Due to expected watermain and storm sewer installation, be on the lookout for closures of Snelling Ave N. throughout the project site next week. The closures will only occur during working hours, and will be re-opened by the end of the day. Access to side streets and driveways off Snelling Ave N will still be maintained during working hours, via either north or south entrances to Snelling Ave N.

Contact Brian Schmit (612-368-1228) or Brad Fisher (612-759-7240) with Bolton & Menk or Lucas Miller (763-229-7535) with the City of Arden Hills if you have any questions about the project.

May 3, 2022: ROAD CLOSURE ALERT: Due to expected watermain installation, be on the look out for closures of Snelling Avenue North between Lametti Lane and Cummings Lane throughout the later portions of this week. The closures will only occur during working hours and will be reopened by the end of the day. Access to side streets and driveways off Snelling Avenue North will still be maintained during working hours, via either north or south entrances to Snelling Avenue North.

April 28, 2022:  The contractor, T.A. Schifksy & Sons, and their utility subcontractor, Northdale Construction, plan to begin utility work the week of May 2nd and expect to wrap up the project around early July. This schedule is subject to change based on weather, contractor’s schedule, or other unforeseen conditions. More information can be found in the first Project Newsletter Update (PDF). The following is a high-level overview of the project schedule that provides a good overview of the construction sequencing:

Weeks of May 2 and May 9:

  • Temporary water will be installed and tested to maintain water to properties during watermain work.
  • A couple water shutdowns will be necessary to make initial connections to the existing watermain. Affected properties will be notified prior to the shutdowns. Please look for notices at your front door.
  • The contractor will begin work on the watermain replacement. This work is primarily located on Snelling Avenue between Bussard Court and Lametti Lane and a little work at the entrance to Cummings Lane.
  • The beginning of work will be minimally intrusive, but traffic control signage will be installed, likely by mid-week, shutting down the roadway to through traffic. Access will still be maintained to all properties at this time, but a detour will be in place for through traffic.
  • A portion of the watermain work includes a process called pipe bursting where the entire pipe will need to be assembled above ground before being installed. There may be temporary access restrictions to certain properties while this work is occurring. Properties will be notified, if necessary.
  • Xcel Energy will also begin their own project to upgrade gas mains within the project area.

Mid May:

  • Tree removals will occur.
  • Storm sewer will be installed.
  • Removals of existing infrastructure will take place.
  • The roadways will be reclaimed. This is the process of grinding up the existing pavement with the underlying aggregate and creates a gravel-like surface.
  • The roadway and new trail will begin to be graded.
  • Access may have to occur from one way or another once this work begins.

April 11, 2022: A preconstruction meeting with Public Works staff, T. A. Schifsky and Bolten & Menk is scheduled for the last week in April with plans to start construction in May. More details to come after that meeting.

March 14, 2022: The City Council declared the costs to be assessed and ordered the Assessment Hearing scheduled for April 11, 2022. The Hearing will be held in the Council Chambers at City Hall. Once the assessment rate is approved, the construction contract will be awarded to T.A. Schifsky & Sons. Construction is scheduled for 2022, with additional details forthcoming. A detailed schedule will be sent to the affected residents after the preconstruction meeting with the contractor.

February 2022: The City has 100% design plans for proposed improvements to Snelling Avenue North scheduled for construction in the year 2022. Following approval from Council, the project will go out to bid on February 15th, 2022 with the bid opening on March 9th 2022.

An environmental site assessment was conducted along the project corridor. Soil and groundwater samples were collected at 14 locations in April 2020 to identify potential contaminants under the roadway where water, sanitary sewer and storm sewer utility replacement may be necessary. The environmental assessment was completed in June 2020. Additional project design, cost estimating, and public informational efforts resumed in July 2020. A draft feasibility study report for the project is provided below.

A field survey of the project area and schematic design of the roadway and intersection improvements were completed in 2018. An initial public informational meeting was held on October 19, 2019 to share project information and gain public input for the project.

Project Timeline

Street and utility improvements along Snelling Avenue North from County Road E to Highway 51, along with street improvements to Cummings Lane, are currently scheduled for construction during the 2022 construction season. 

Project Informational Presentation

The project team has prepared a presentation (posted February 3, 2021) to provide an overview of the proposed improvements to Snelling Avenue North from County Road E to Highway 51, and potential future improvements to the intersection of County Road E and Snelling Avenue North. This presentation describes design alternative currently under consideration, estimated project costs, and potential special assessments to qualifying adjacent properties. If you have any questions after reviewing the video, please contact David Swearingen using the contact information provided at the bottom of the page.

Project Feasibility Report

The City Council accepted the project Feasibility Report on April 12, 2021. The report outlines the recommended project components, costs, funding sources, and Public Comments up to the Public Improvement Hearing on April 26, 2021. A copy of the report is available here.

Assessment Roll

Click here to access a copy of the Special Assessment Roll (PDF) contained in the Feasibility Report. 

Project Mailings

See Neighborhood Meeting letter (PDF)

See Follow-up Neighborhood Meeting Letter 11/4/2019 (PDF)


See Preliminary Location Map (PDF)

Preliminary Design Schematic

Preliminary Layout (PDF)

Virtual Open House Information Session 
The video presentation took place on October 20, 2021, at a City Hall Open House event.

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