City Council

The City of Arden Hills operates as a State statutory A City, the most common form of City government in Minnesota. The elected council includes the mayor and four councilmembers, who each carry equal voting weight. The mayor serves a four-year term, while councilmembers serve four-year staggered terms. Local elections take place in November of even-numbered years.

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The City Council has the following duties and authority:

  • Legislates for the city, passes ordinances, sets administrative policy.
  • Manages the city's financial operations.
  • Oversees development in accordance with the comprehensive land use plan.
  • Appoints administrative personnel and approves hiring and termination.
  • Appoints persons to administrative committees and commissions.
  • Conducts the city's intergovernmental affairs.
  • Protects the welfare of the city and its residents.
  • Provides community leadership.

The mayor executes official documents, makes appointments subject to the approval of the council and presides at council meetings.

In January, each councilmember is appointed to serve on one or more of the city's commissions and committees.

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