Online Payments

Utility Bill Online Payment Program

You can pay your utility bills online by creating a new account or by making a quick payment.

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When you set up a new account with the city's online Utility Billing Payment Program, many features
will be available such as:

  • Ability to view utility bill history, including statements issued and payments made.
  • Ability to set up recurring payments.
  • Option to choose paper or electronic (or both) billing statements.
  • Ability to manage several accounts under one user name (commercial properties primarily).
  • Both renters and landlords may access an account and make separate, secure payments, while keeping their personal information confidential.
  • All transactions credited to your account immediately.

Visit the city's Utility Billing Payment Program to get started.

Other Online Payments

It is also possible to pay other payments online such as parks and recreation fees,
building permits fees, rental registration fees, licensing fees, and other miscellaneous fees.

 To pay these types of fees online, visit the City's Web Store.

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Contact Us

  1. Utility Billing

    Katlyn Adair, Accounting Clerk
    Phone: 651-792-7814
    Email Utility Billing


    Want to know how much water you’re using?

    EyeOnWater tracks water usage and allows users to set up alerts that may indicate a leaky toilet or sprinkler system, for instance. Users also receive consumption graphs to visualize their usage throughout the billing cycle. Access this tool online or via the app.

    To sign up:
    1. Visit
    2. Enter your service or billing Postal Code and your account number (all 9 digits with no dash), which can be found on your utility bill
    3. Enter your email and create a password

    Help with using EyeOnWater can be found online at