Business Licenses

Licenses are required to do business in Arden Hills. All businesses must have a city business license. In addition, some businesses require a particular license for their business activity, such as home building and remodeling (city contractor license), charitable gambling, garbage and recycling hauling, peddling and soliciting and tree removal or trimming. 

Driver's License

The Minnesota Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has a licensing facility in Arden Hills. However, the City has no involvement in driver examinations and does not issue/renew drivers' licenses. You may reach the DMV at 651-201-7900 or through their website.  

Pet Licenses

Pets are required to be licensed. An annual license fee paid to the city allows the city to know which homes have dogs, cats and other pets. This helps if your pet gets lost. 

Rental Registration

If you wish to rent your property, you must register it with the city.