Mayor & City Council Directory

Arden Hills City Council

The Mayor and all four council members are elected "at large" rather than through a ward system.

Mayor David Grant-closeup-smallDavid Grant, Mayor
1679 Chatham Avenue
Phone: 651-538-0747
Term expires: December 2022

Councilmember Brenda Holden-closeup-small Opens in new windowBrenda Holden, Councilmember
1881 Beckman AvenuePhone: 651-636-2987
Term expires: December 2024

Councilmember Fran Holmes-closeup-smallFran Holmes, Councilmember
1804 Venus Avenue
Phone: 612-599-2457
Term Expires: December 2022

Councilmember Steve Scott-closeup-smallSteve Scott, Councilmember
4286 Norma Avenue
Phone: 651-604-0919
Term expires: December 2022

Councilmember David Radziej-closeup-smallDavid Radziej, Councilmember
1144 Waldon Place
Phone: 651-356-5928
Term expires: December 2022

City Council 2022-smallMayor and City Council 2022

To contact the City Council as a whole, including the Mayor, you may send an email.

Please note: The Open Meeting Law does not allow Council members to use the reply all email response option.