2022 Tree Plan

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The City will plant 55 trees at multiple public locations around the city starting at the end of October. Trees will be planted in the locations listed below. 

  • Highway 96 boulevards
  • Perry Dog Park
  • Oak Avenue turnaround median
  • Thom Court turnaround median

The Tree Plan Maps above indicate where trees are to be planted in each location with purple dots. To access a larger PDF version of each Project Map, use the links below:

The boulevard trees that will be installed on Highway 96, Thom Court, and Oak Avenue shall consist of the Honeylocust (thornless), Kentucky Coffeetree, American Elms, and the Hackberry. They will alternate in order as installation progresses on the site. The trees in Perry Park shall include a variety of different colored maples.

Project Updates:

December 2: Margolis has completed the tree planting scheduled for this year. There is a two year warranty period that has started on the trees. We will be implementing a weekly watering plan in the spring. 

September 22: Plans and specifications were sent out to contractors on 8/16/22 for bids to plant 55 trees this fall along Highway 96, Oak Ave, Thom Ct and Perry Dog Park and Margolis was awarded the contract. Removals of the existing, dying trees suffering from EAB will be removed by public work staff a week or so prior to installation of the new trees by the contractor. This date will need to be determined once we review the schedule with the awarded contractor, Margolis, but the trees must be planted before freeze up or mid-November at the latest in order to get them installed this year.