Arden Oaks Street Improvements

The 2021–2025 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) identifies proposed street and utility improvements within the Arden Oaks area for 2022. The proposed area consists of Arden Oaks Drive and Arden Oaks Court, which includes approximately 40 single family homes and is generally referred to as the Arden Oaks Neighborhood. 

Residential development of Arden Oaks began in 1982, with the earliest homes shown to be built in 1983. Along with the development, public utilities were constructed for sanitary sewer and water main. Through City pavement management records, the latest structural project type for the street was a mill and overlay constructed in 1996. Non-structural projects were seal coating in 2000, another seal coat in 2012, and routine pot hole and patching maintenance to present. The typical life cycle of a road since a structural type project is 20–25 years, which puts this area in the category for pavement rehabilitation.

Arden Oaks Street Improvements Map

Project Feasibility Report

The City Council accepted the project Feasibility Report on July 26, 2021. The report outlines the recommended project components, costs, and funding sources. A copy of the report is available here. The Public Hearing for the proposed improvements will be held August 23.

Assessment Roll

To access a copy of the preliminary special assessment roll contained in the Feasibility Report, click here

Arden Oaks Project Schedule