2021 PMP Street and Utility improvements

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Utility Work Starting—Monday, June 14

Glenpaul Ave was reclaimed earlier in the week and tree removals wrapped up throughout the neighborhood. Temporary water is setup on the east block of Glenpaul (Phase 1B) with hookups to individual houses occurring on Monday, June 14. C&L will be stripping off the reclaim material along all of Glenpual Ave on Monday, June 14, which will cause minor traffic interruptions.

C&L Excavating is scheduled to start watermain work along Glenpaul Avenue, east of Prior Ave (Phases 1A) on Monday, June 14Watermain installation will begin with a cut and cap on Monday at Prior & Glenpaul, and a connection at New Brighton and Glenpaul. Watermain work would then continue from New Brighton and work towards Prior.

Temporary water setup on the west block of Glenpaul (Phase 1Bhas begun, with hookups to individual homes occurring next week. Watermain work will start on Phase 1B later in the week, tentatively Thursday, June 17 or Friday, June 18, directly following the watermain work on Phase 1A. The work will likely start at Prior Ave and move toward Cleveland Ave.

Individual water services on Glenpaul will be installed following the completion of the watermain, tentatively during the week of June 21.

Phases 2 and 3 have flipped schedules! Jerrold Ave (the reconstruction area with no existing curb) will now be Phase 2 and will start in Mid-July when the utility work is wrapping up on Glenpaul Ave. Prior Ave will now be Phase 3 and will start in August when the utility work is wrapping up on Jerrold Ave.

Construction Starting—Monday, June 7

C&L Excavating is scheduled to reclaim (grind up) the existing asphalt street pavement along Glenpaul Avenue (Phases 1A & 1B) on Monday, June 7. Temporary water setup on the east block of Glenpaul (Phase 1A) will also begin on Monday, June 7, with hookups to individual homes occurring later in the week. Tree removals are scheduled to begin on Wednesday, June 9 and will occur throughout the neighborhood (all phases). Trees to be removed as part of the project will be marked with a ribbon earlier in the week. 

Driveway removals and utility work on the east block of Glenpaul (Phase 1A) is scheduled to begin on Monday, June 14.

A newsletter is in the mail with additional details, but please reach out to Brian Schmit (612-368-1228) or Nick Amatuccio (612-965-3926) with Bolton & Menk or David Swearingen (651-792-7847) with the City of Arden Hills if you have any questions about the project.

Construction StartingWeek of June 7

C&L Excavating will start construction in the neighborhood during the week of June 7. During this week, residents should expect to see traffic control setup, tree removals throughout the neighborhood, and temporary water setup on the east block of Glenpaul Avenue (Phase 1A). Pavement removals on Glenpaul (Phases 1A & 1B) will begin during the week of June 14, with utility work on the east block of Glenpaul (Phase 1A) immediately following pavement removals.

Gas main work on Jerrold Ave—Week of April 26

Gas main and service replacement by Xcel Energy on Jerrold Avenue is scheduled to be completed the week of April 26. Turf restoration in disturbed areas will follow shortly after. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the gas main work by Xcel, you can contact the Scott Widmer at 651-261-3087. 

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As always, feel free to reach out to Nick Amatuccio (952-890-0509 ext. 2900) with Bolton & Menk or David Swearingen (651-792-7847) with the City of Arden Hills if you have any other questions about the project.

Hazelnut Park/Glenpaul Area Street Improvements 2021

Project Overview

The city has started data collection and project planning for proposed street and utility improvements within the Hazelnut Park Neighborhood anticipated for the 2021 construction season. Planning work also includes an evaluation of pavement and utilities along Lake Valentine Road.

Project Scope

The project study includes the following street segments.

  • Glenpaul Avenue from New Brighton Road to Cleveland Avenue
  • Edgewater Avenue from New Brighton Road to the west end of the cul de sac
  • Jerrold Avenue from New Brighton Road to the west end of the cul de sac
  • Prior Avenue from County Road D to Jerrold Avenue

Project Timeline

The project team is currently designing the project based on the results of the project feasibility study.  A copy of the feasibility study is available below. The project is scheduled for public bidding in January 2021, with construction starting in April/May 2021.

Project Presentations

Public Informational Presentation for 2021 PMP
(posted April 14, 2021)

Presentation (posted October 22, 2020) describing the design, schedule, cost, and assessments for the project.

First Project Planning Informational Presentation - Recorded May 2020 describing the study and potential street and utility improvements.

Project Mailings

Project Notice Letter and Map (May 2020) (PDF)

Notice of Field Survey (August 2020) (PDF)

Project Improvement Notice of Public Hearing (August 2020) (PDF)

Public Informational Meeting Invitation (October 2020) (PDF)

Project Feasibility Report

The City Council accepted the project Feasibility Report on July 27, 2020.  The report outlines the recommended project components, costs and funding sources.  A copy of the report is available here.

Assessment Roll

To access a copy of the special assessment roll contained in the Feasibility Report, click here

Location and Proposed Plan

2021 PMP MAP (PDF)


David Swearingen
Assistant City Engineer,
Engineer in Training
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2021 PMP Proposed Plan for Hazelnut Park Neighborhood

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