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2018 Trail and Watermain
Old Snelling Trail and Watermain Improvement Project
Old Snelling Trail Extension and Watermain Project Begins Week of May 7

The City will kick-off a trail extension and watermain project the week of May 7th.

The trail extension project includes the following: construction of trails along the west side of Old Snelling Avenue between County Road E and County Road E2, the south side of County Road E from Old Snelling Avenue and Freeway Park, and the south side of County Road E2 between Cleveland Avenue and New Brighton Road.

Included in the project is watermain construction along Old Snelling Avenue from County Road E2 to County Road E; and along County Road E2 from Old Snelling Avenue to Valentine Hills Elementary.

In the weeks following, construction of the underground utilities, including storm sewer and watermain, and the retaining walls necessary for the new trail, will progress. 

It will be the project team’s goal to minimize the impact to residents and businesses during construction activities; however, no matter how hard we try, construction activities will generate dust, noise, and temporary inconveniences.

Based on the contractor’s current schedule, construction will be complete by the end of July.

See map of the project area and resident newsletter.

Attention residents who are impacted 

As a reminder, if you are anticipating a special delivery, open house, or any other activity during the summer construction schedule, please notify the project engineer of the time and date in which this will occur. The contractor and project staff will do their best to provide access as necessary.

Driveway Access
Access will be available to your property at most times for the duration of the project.  The contractor is required to provide you access at the beginning and end of every day.  If work takes place in front of your driveway and you are without access temporarily, you will be notified in advance.  If you have special access needs please contact the City.

Where to Park
We ask that you do not park vehicles on streets under construction during working hours (7am-9pm Monday-Friday), as construction can be delayed if the contractor cannot access portions of the project. There may be times where work over the weekends will occur, please do not park on the streets during these times as well.
Garbage Service
During construction, garbage haulers may not have access to the front of your property.  When construction is taking place on your roadway, please have your trash receptacles curb side as early as possible.  If necessary, the City’s contractor will move your trash receptacle to a location accessible to the garbage hauler, and return it to your driveway following pick-up.
Mail Service
If the post office determines it is not feasible to deliver mail to your mailbox due to construction activities, temporary mailboxes will be set up to allow for delivery.  The City will work to keep residents informed where temporary mail service will be required/located and the timing of any changes.
Trees, Shrubs, Landscaping and Lawn Irrigation Systems?
The City’s contractor will restore disturbed areas to their original condition to the greatest extent possible.  However, if you have landscaping items such as shrubs, rock gardens, yard lights, etc. that you would like to save and reinstall yourself following construction, please plan to remove them ahead of time.
If you have not already, please contact the City with information about the location of your irrigation system or invisible pet fence within the City right-of-way. We appreciate your consideration in taking the time to notify us. 
We Will Do Our Best To Keep You Advised But Please Help Us By

Staying alert!  Watch for signs, equipment, and workers.
Observing all posted warning signs.
Slowing down and watch for uneven surfaces.
Reminding children to stay away from the construction site, equipment, and stockpiles of materials.
Being Patient. Access through the site may change throughout the day as construction progresses.

We appreciate your patience as we move forward with the project.

Project Contacts

Kelsey Gelhar, Project Engineer, (612) 709-4897
Sue Polka, City Engineer/Public Works Director, (651) 792-7846
Brian Wellman, Sunram Construction, (612) 282-3953