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City Contractor Licenses

Nearly all contractors doing work in Arden Hills must be licensed either through the State or the city. This is to ensure the contractor carries adequate property damage insurance, general liability insurance and worker’s compensation.

City contractor licenses must be applied for annually. In order to be licensed by the City of Arden Hills, a Contractor License Application form must be completed and submitted with a certificate of insurance, listing the city as a certificate holder and a yearly fee paid.

A state license is required for all residential building contractors, plumbers and electrical contractors. Mechanical contractors will require a state bond and a city contractor license. All other contractors will require a city contractor's license.

For specific licensing questions, please call 651-792-7800. 

Dave Scherbel
Building Official
Ph: 651-792-7818

Rob Ward
Residential Inspector
Ph: 651-792-7813

Britt Pease
Office Support Specialist
Ph: 651-792-7831