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Utility Billing
Water, Sanitary Sewer & Surface Water Billing Rates
In January of 2006, the City of Arden Hills increased the utility rates it charges residents and businesses. The rate increase comes as a result of a Utility Rates Study, which was recently completed by the City. The purpose of this study was to determine if the City would have adequate financial resources to maintain the existing utility (water, sanitary sewer, surface water / stormwater) infrastructure with the current utility rates. The study concluded that if the City does not adjust its rate structure, it would face a deficit in the utility funds within two to three years.

It is necessary to maintain an adequate fund balance in these funds so that emergency or unanticipated repairs can be made in a timely manner. Before 2005, the City had not increased the water rates since 1999, and the sanitary sewer and storm water rates since 2001. Over these years the utility funds absorbed the inflationary costs as well as the costs associated with the maintenance of the infrastructure, some of which is 50 years old and in need of work.

Billing Schedule
 Billing Month
Service  Provided
October, November, December
January, February, March
April, May, June
July, August, September

  • Property owners will be responsible for water and sewer charges. The City will obtain property owner information from Ramsey County and effective January 1, 2012, all water and sewer utility accounts will be changed into the name of the property owner, if it is not currently. The property owner will now be responsible for the water and sewer account. It will also be the property owner’s responsibility to collect payment from their tenants if they choose.
  • Delinquent water and sewer account balances will be certified to Ramsey County quarterly. The City will move from certifying delinquent balances annually to certifying quarterly. 

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