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Community Development
Community Development Department
New Home Construction
New Home Construction
The Community Development Department is responsible for the following functions:

Building Permits & Inspections: The Building Official and Residential Building Inspector ensure that residential, commercial, and industrial construction is done safely in accordance with the State Building Code and City regulations.

Planning & Zoning: The planning division is responsible for the review and management of development and redevelopment in the City. The division coordinates the preparation and implementation of the Comprehensive Plan, which lays out the long-range plans for the City.

Economic Development: The Community Development Director works with the City Council and the Economic Development Authority to help expand existing businesses and attract new businesses to the community in order to grow and diversify the City's tax base, employment, and services.

Property Maintenance & Code Enforcement: The Code Enforcement Officer enforces the City's zoning, nuisance, and property maintenance regulations to ensure that the community maintains its quality neighborhoods, housing, and commercial areas.

    Presbyterian Homes Johanna Shores
    Presbyterian Homes Johanna Shores

    Community Development Director
    Ph: 651-792-7800

    City Planner
    Ph: 651-792-7822