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Posted on: October 9, 2018

Council Reiterates TCAAP Redevelopment Goals, Schedules November 15 Public Forum

After more than two years of working with Ramsey County, the City of Arden Hills is getting closer to making the TCAAP/Rice Creek Commons (RCC) development a reality. In the final phases of negotiating a Master Development Agreement, the City Council is reiterating the goals for the development and seeking feedback on how the City should proceed.

Since the beginning of the development process and reiterated in 2016, the City has maintained a series of principles and goals to ensure that the TCAAP redevelopment is an enhancement to the City and its existing residents.

In January of 2016 the Council adopted the following position on TCAAP: The City in partnership with Ramsey County seeks to redevelop the TCAAP property to achieve the goals identified in the City’s Comprehensive Plan consistent with the adopted and approved Master Plan and TCAAP Redevelopment Code. 

The City seeks to develop a true mixed-use village consisting of office, manufacturing, retail space and housing for the area that provides new tax revenues, a diverse blend of land uses, high wage jobs, and the efficient delivery of public and private services that will enhance but remain complementary to existing development within the City.  

Diverse Development 
The City envisions a vibrant blend of housing, office, retail, manufacturing and other commercial and light industrial uses in the area.  It is the City’s prerogative to decide what types of residential and business uses can happen on the site, but it is ultimately the developer and County’s decision to decide the specific businesses and residential make-up. 

High-Wage Jobs 

Fifty-three percent of the developable acreage of RCC is designated for office, manufacturing and retail purposes. The City seeks the creation of new, high wage, long-term jobs for this area.

Sustainable and Efficient Delivery of Public and Private Services 
The City seeks development that promotes public transit, efficient refuse and recycling collection, public recreation opportunities, and that minimizes demands on public safety and transportation funding.

Supplemental Goals 
Since 2016, the City has worked earnestly to achieve these goals and will continue to partner with the County and developers to ensure the goals are met.  

In addition, we are working to ensure that the final Cooperative agreement protects the City financially. To that end, we have developed the following supplemental goals in the final stages of the negotiation:

1. Add to the existing stable tax base without putting the City’s credit rating at risk. 

2. Ensure the costs related to building and maintaining the traditional City
services do not jeopardize the City’s financial stability or credit rating.

3. Develop a City Civic Space that is welcoming and utilized by all Arden Hill residents. 

4. Create a diverse housing stock to include senior housing, affordable housing and single-family housing.

November 15 Public Forum

TCAAP/Rice Creek Commons Redevelopment Public Forum
November 15 
Ramsey County Public Works Building
1425 Paul Kirkwold Drive, Marsden Room
6-8 p.m

On November 15, the City will hold a public forum to ensure residents can offer feedback on the supplemental goals and to allow the Council and staff to share the final framework for our partnership with Ramsey County and the developer.

Additionally, the public forum will gather feedback about the proposed civic space on the site and its uses. A Civic Site Task Force, including volunteers from the City, has been formed. Site architects and consultants will attend.

If you are unable to attend, please send your comments in writing to info@cityofardenhills.org or to City Hall, 1245 W. Highway 96, Arden Hills, MN 55112.

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